Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Do you have an Internet Addiction?

Do you have an Internet Addiction? 

 Up to what point do people need to get in order to try to help addictions?

It happened in Nantong, Jiangsu, China, where a 19-year-old teenager made a drastic decision; he would cut off his own hand in order to cure his addiction to Internet. The chosen “criminal” tool was a kitchen knife and he used it to get rid of his own left hand.

Do you have an Internet Addiction?

With pride and honor! I won´t give up on my hat!

 It all happened in the county of Wyoming, where the new sheriff has banned his deputies from wearing both, cowboy hats and boots. This ended up in one of the veteran employees to retire instead of giving up wearing them, with pride and honour.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Nude Playboy Model Hits Back at Media Speculation

Nude Playboy Model Hits Back at Media Speculation

Playboy Model 

A former playboy model, Loredana Chivu, recently refuted claims by various media houses that her father killed himself because of her nude pictures. According to her, the various media outlets got it all wrong; when they published that her father committed suicide over those pictures.


Pizza Condom – Food and Sex the perfect combination

Pizza Condom – Food and Sex the perfect combination

Since the beginning we have evolved to do one thing, eat and reproduce!! Now there is a way to do both at once, well nearly…..There is currently a limited edition set of condoms’ package will take sex and pizza to a whole new level, let me introduce you to the Seriax.


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Weirdest Medicial Remedies from Around the World

A Weird and Windy Road to the “Fountain of Youth”


Places all around the world have come up with amazing means to look younger and feel better.
Asia has been known for its massages and herbal miracle products. What is available these days may just – literally – leave you breathless.

Marmite Flavored Easter Eggs

Marmite Flavored Easter Eggs

It is said that pregnant women have some weird and crazy taste combination cravings, but some of these food combinations may shock you.

Let’s first look at some new mixtures that use an old-time favorite: caramel. A tea company has release salted caramel green tea. The verdict is still out on this one, as some like it and others would prefer dirt water.  Salted caramel has also snuck its way into cheese. Some fruits have successfully made it into various cheeses, but caramel is not a fruit and this combination is apparently not delicious.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Why not Chase Cheese down a Hill?

Some people don’t mind wasting food and incurring injury for fun. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake tradition has been taking place in Gloucestershire for hundred of years. There was a time when the unusual festival would feature other milder activities such as dancing around the maypole, tug of war and bobbing for apples.