Saturday, July 2, 2011

Depressed woman looses benefits over Facebook Photos

Depressed woman looses benefits over Facebook Photos

Nathalie Blanchard, a woman living in Quebec who was receiving long-term sick leave stopped receiving these monthly benefits after she posted fun filled Facebook photos of herself having fun. In 2008 the woman was granted leave from her job at IBM in Bromont, because of a depression diagnosis and was receiving sick-leave benefits every month by The Manulife insurance company. .

However, the pictures posted on the networking site showed her frolicking on a beach, having fun at a Chippendales show and enjoying her birthday party made her look rather happy. So, the insurance company assumed she was no longer depressed and stopped paying the benefits. The woman said that she informed Manulife about the trip and that the pictures are not a proof that her overall mood had improved.

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