Monday, June 27, 2011

Consumers need Protecting against Sex Toys?

Consumers need Protecting against Sex Toys?

Yet again GERMANY is in the weird stories category and this time it is the Green party who have asked for a government enquiry into excessive levels of potentially dangerous ingredients in toys used for sexual enjoyment.

"Consumers must be protected when it comes to sexual health. Feigned embarrassment or false taboos should not prevent information getting out and checks being done," MP Volker Beck declared yesterday.

The Green's want the current Chancellor Mrs Angela Merkel's government to look into legal limits to the levels of certain chemicals in dildos, vibrators and other sex aids and announce plans to reduce risk.

Studies in recent years have shown that plastic sex toys contain high levels of substances like phthalate, thought to upset hormone levels in women and cause infertility and diabetes, the Greens claimed.

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