Monday, June 27, 2011

Foil in Bra Lets Female Smuggler Down

Foil in Bra Lets Female Smuggler Down

Two women, one in the early fifties and one aged 44 will appear in court after they were caught trying to get on a plane with cannabis. One of the women was deceived by the foil in which she had wrapped the cannabis. The lady repeatedly set off a metal detector at an airport in New Zealand.

This rapidly alerted the officials, who eventually discovered the cannabis wrapped in foil in her bra. The woman had stored 28 small packages in her underwear. She was travelling with 50 g of cannabis.  Her companion was also questioned by police at the Queenstown Airport. She was in turn found to have concealed about 40 g

of cannabis in different parts of her body. The pair were trying to reach Christchurch, found nearly 500km north east on the South Island.

The two ladies were deceived by the foil packaging. It is not known yet whether it is their first attempt at trying to get cannabis on board a plane.

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