Monday, June 27, 2011

Funny Google Humor

Google Humor

As many long time users of the internet know there are some sweet and funny tricks for people who use Google as a search engine.  Many of these tips were not put in by Google staff but by people manipulating search engine results by SEO and other methods. Here are some of the more funny results that can be found when using Google’s search engine.  Again most of these results were not created by people who work at Google but are actual search results that Google has found based on search engine optimization. The First trick is if you go to, type ‘French Military Victories’ and click I’m feeling lucky.  What does Google ask you if you’re really searching for? You can also try searching for Chuck Norris.  Go to and type in Find Chuck Norris and click I’m feeling lucky.  Google will give you an interesting error message on why it will not

search for Chuck Norris. If you want to see how Google Staffers think Elmer Fudd would read Google for you go to and type in ‘Ewmew Fudd’ and click I’m feeling lucky.  This was in fact added by Google staffers and its quite funny indeed. Google has added many funny languages to its language pages that you can find in the settings option.  These languages include Swedish Chef’s Bork Bork, Pig Latin, 1337sp34k, Klingon, Pirate and the previously mention Elmer Fudd. If you’re a late night person and stay up until 3:14 am you are going have a real treat if you’re a user of iGoogle’s themes.  If you use the Beach theme at 3:14 am the Loch Ness Monster appears.  Other themes included in the Easter Egg are Seasonal Scare which shows the Northern Lights and the City Scape which shows of the UFOs.  Many other themes have Easter Eggs as well.  This is believed to be a tribute to the number pi. In Google Translate if you try translating ‘James Bond’ into Chinese you get ‘007’ returned as a search result. There are many more results that you can find, and if you want to be creative you can even try making your own!

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