Monday, June 27, 2011

Empty House Dials 911

Empty House Dials 911

House calls are not uncommon.  However, this one was almost ridiculous. An empty Massachusetts house had been leaking for months.  The floors were buckled and the ceilings sagged. The empty house inexplicably called the police for assistance. The damage had been taking place for a few months before the police intervened. An emergency call was launched after the phone system in Marblehead had been short circuited by the water emerging from the house.

It emerged that police officers reached the address soon after a call had been recorded. The call was recorded as a hang up. However, any return call failed to

materialize. Inside the house, officers were faced with the wreckage. There was possibly toxic mold that had leaked from a pipe which burst during winter.  It is quite likely that the interior will have to be gutted according to Town officials. The owner could not be immediately located.

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